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SET4Work – Social Enterprise Training for Work

Lifelong Learning Programme
Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
Project number: 2012-1-GB2-LEO05-07968
Project duration: 01/10/2012 – 30/09/2014

Project website: http://set4work.eu/
Moodle course: http://set4work.eu/moodle/

Project SET4Work addresses the issue of high and increasing levels of unemployment for people who are facing particular difficulties in accessing training and/or the labour market, and who are likely to be less attractive to potential employers in the current financial climate.

The aim is to transfer and improve the tested training material SET4Work, a Business start-up course based on a social enterprise ethos, which provides alternative ways of learning within traditional learning centres, outdoor activities or via an e-Learning portal.

To promote the transfer and recognition of achievable competencies within the UK and across Europe, ECVET principles and instruments will be implemented.  Information about the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training can be found at:


The main results of the project will be:

  1. New approaches, behavioural changes towards employment within the main target group – unemployed people with difficulties – will be introduced and adapted. The course will enable these persons to access (further) vocational education, training and/or the first labour market.
  2. Including e-learning will help to reach people who live in small cities and rural regions as well. It will bring the VET institutions closer to the implementation of new media in their learning settings.
  3. The course will have an influence on the trainers and VET stakeholders concerning their attitude and resources to focus and support this target group in the right way.
  4. To understand and support the implementation of ECVET, the transparency concerning learning outcomes, the quality of VET, the quantity of ECVET-partnerships, with an aim to improve opportunities for work throughout Europe.

To learn more about the project, please visit its official website at http://set4work.eu/. You are also welcome to support us or discuss on the Facebook page of the project https://www.facebook.com/set4work. Moodle website of the SET4Work course is located at http://set4work.eu/moodle/. In case of your interest, please, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Project Partners

Siawns Teg, Newtown, Wales, United Kingdom – Tony Blunden
VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras
, Šiauliai, Lithuania – Aurelija Adomavičiūtė
Sistema Turismo
, Potenza, Italy – Renata Lorusso
Akademie für berufliche Bildung gGmbH
, Dresden, Germany – Annegret Hasse
e-code, Krupina, Slovakia – Radoslav Vician

SET4Work_Logo_ThumbnailThis project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation action of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.LLP_Thumbnail

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