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SMARTIES Moodle Course and Webinars Now Available


SMARTIES team is proud to announce that we finalised our SMARTIES Moodle course and its four webinars recordings are now available in English language on our site and, most importantly, at SMARTIES Moodle course site. If you wish to access just the recordings you can do so below or at SMARTIES project website. If you wish to benefit from all the features of SMARTIES course, please, register at our Moodle site and enjoy all the features of our SMARTIES Moodle course.

Webinar 1

  • Module 1 : Understanding the Smart City concept
  • Module 2: Smart City’s Startegic Principles
  • Module 3 : Shapping a Smart City Ecosystem
  • Module 7 : Managing a Smart City
  • Case Studies

Webinar 2

  • Module 5: Financing a Smart City
  • Module 8: Smart ICT Infrastructure
  • Module 10: Smart Environment
  • Case Studies

Webinar 3

  • Module 11: Smart transport
  • Module 12: Smart energy
  • Module 13: Smart lifestyle
  • Case Studies

Webinar 4

  • Module 4: Developing a Smart City
  • Module 6: Role of People in Smart Cities
  • Module 9: Smart Governance and Role of Leadership in Smart Cities
  • Module 14: Smart City Planning
  • Case Studies
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