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Our Projects

SET4Work – Social Enterprise Training for Work



Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project addressing the issue of high and increasing levels of unemployment for people who are facing particular difficulties in accessing training and/or the labour market, and who are likely to be less attractive to potential employers in the current financial climate.

HHW – Happy Home Wallet



Grundtvig Learning Partnerships project dedicated to the promotion of the “zero waste” strategy through the comparison that will permit to acquire competences in economics, environmental sustainability, energy saving, proper management of economic family resources.

Euro-folio – Developing and Providing the Achievement of the Key Competencies in Young Adults that Employers Require When Recruiting



Grundtvig Multilateral project which aims to develop products to address a key issue of youth employment in EU.

eSchool4S – E-School for Sustainability in the Danube Region



Comenius Multilateral Networks project is a multi-national and multi-level network involving stakeholders in the education sector, teacher training institutions, schools, teachers, and classes in the joint development, testing, demonstration and dissemination of innovative e-teaching concepts for secondary schools in the Danube Region. Specific focus of the eSchool4S project is on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in line with European strategies and policies.

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