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TouDev2 Testimonials


TourDev2 – Strategic Development of Tourism in Slovakia

I am positive that the mobility in the UK was a great benefit to me. I have to say that it was my first internship and the first longer stay abroad and overall I am glad I could participate. The work at Powys Castle and the stay in the UK gave me a lot in the sense of improving my language skills and getting familiar with local cultural differences.  I have met a lot of people, got accustomed with their traditions and their culture. I had a chance to deeper appreciate their way of thinking and many things were new to me. I am glad I was given a chance to take part n this mobility as I like ravelling and always have been keen to know different cultures, traditions, ways of living. I hope that this mobility would be the first step in realising my plans to work in the tourism industry. If I had another chance I would love to take the closest opportunity to participate in some similar activity so important for my future professional growth.

Andrea Lengyelová, Bratislava, 7 weeks mobility in Newtown, Wales

The main benefit was in discovering the tourist destination still not much known in Slovakia. Malta has an enormous tourism potential, economic and cultural links to Italy and the United Kingdom. I coul get familiar with the place where tourism has long lasting tradition and where not only European but other intercontinental concepts meet. I had an opportunity to improve my English language skills with business terminology, tourism jargon, to get familiar with MICE international communication approach and to reach achievements in this approach psitively representing Slovakia. I am expecting that taking part in this program would help to open the area of MICE not only in Malta and Slovakia but anywhere in the world. From the point of view of personal development the stay enriched me with its positivity and motivation towards much higher self-esteem and an eagerness to engage in other personal projects.

Ján Ferenčík, Nižná Myšľa, 21 weeks mobility in Ta’ Xbiex, Malta

During the mobility I was able to familiarise myself with Cornwall as tourism destination, with important tourist sites as well as with know-how and ways of working at VisitCornwall. I have gained and improved my knowledge of English language. Beneficial to me was observing active co-operation methods between different stakeholders in tourism, strategic planning, implementation of projects in tourism and marketing.

Martina Hrašková, Martin, 7 weeks mobility in Truro, England

This project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Mobilities action of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.LLP_Thumbnail

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